What is The Difference Between Private Vehicle Sellers & Car Wreckers in Perth

Posted On Feb 16 2023
Difference Between Private Vehicle Sellers & Car Wreckers in Perth


There are many things to consider when selling an old car. The old car you have been using for years has now become old. You can identify it by its performance of it. However, you might be attached to it very much. But if you think practically, then selling your scrap car it is the best option. But the real question is which is the most competent method to do that. So in this blog, we will share the top 3 differences between private vehicle sellers and car wreckers in Perth.

Three Major Differences Between Private Vehicle Seller And Car Wreckers Perth

 1 – Price Evaluation

To sell any car, you need to fix a price. This process is called price evaluation.

Car Wreckers Wangara Company Offer Free Price Evaluation

When you deal with a trusted car removal company, they will help you find the car’s current market value. This is the first process of car removal. You have to share some basic details of your car, and they will come up with a price offer. This way, you can get assured that the experts give the estimated price. And you will get a reasonable price by dealing with them.

Private Sellers Cannot Find The Accurate Value Of The Car.

When you decide to sell an old car on your own, it might not be easy to find the price. You need the necessary tools and experts to do that. And as a result, you may end up selling your car at a less price. You have to hire someone else to find the car’s estimated value. But you might have to pay for it. At the same time, the Wangara wreckers offer it for free.

 2 – Removal And Towing

Car removal is taking the car out of the garage or someplace else. And loading it in the truck and shifting it is called towing. Both are essential processes in car removal.

Wangara Wreckers Offer Free Removal And Towing

When you decide to sell the car to a cash for cars Perth company, they will remove the car from your place within the same day. Next up, they have their own towing and staff to load your vehicle. Also, all these services are free. They will come to your place on the scheduled date, remove it and pay top cash for cars in Perth.

You May Have To Arrange The Removal And Towing In Private Selling

This depends on the mutual understanding of the buyer and seller, who will remove the car. But it can cost you a lot if you have to do that. You will have to hire a third party for this.

 3- Environmental Factors

The old car that stays long enough in one place turns into junk. And junk metals harm the environment. This is one of the major aspects that you should look after. It is not mandatory but still a noble responsibility.

Wangara Wreckers Takes Care Of The Environment

After the cash for cars company has your car, the recycling process starts. They remove all the hazardous materials from the vehicle and dispose of them separately. This leaves no residue and helps prevent the environment from degrading. This way, you help save the environment and earn top cash for cars in Perth.

Private Selling Does Not Takes Care Of The Environment.

When you sell your car to an individual or a small organisation, they only keep the essential parts and dump the rest. They do not have any proper wrecking machines and areas. This way, the hazardous parts mix up in the environment and pollute it.