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Get Used Auto Parts Perth At Reasonable Prices 

We are one of the most trusted companies for auto parts in Perth. We have a wide range of second-hand car parts. If you are required to replace any worn-out parts, reach out to us, and we will provide you with the right part for it. 
Our team thoroughly inspects these parts and then sells them in the market. We do not produce these parts. But our company buys old and unwanted vehicles and then takes apart the functional parts. Call us at 04 9922 3248 if you are in need of car parts.

Our Services

We offer a wider range of exceptional car wrecker services in Perth. Our car wrecking team is well-trained and knows how to deal with written-off and unroadworthy vehicles.

Auto Wreckers Perth

Along with car wrecking services, we sell plenty of used vehicle parts. You will get used but quality parts of any make and model vehicle. Our company always has something for everyone. Customers can purchase used parts for their vehicles from us. We follow a competitive pricing strategy. No need to buy expensive car parts when we are selling them at reasonable prices.

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Car Removal Perth

Removal of an old and damaged vehicle is vital. Hence, we offer our customers the best car removal services in Perth. With our free car removal services, customers can get rid of their unwanted cars. We support customers in removing their scrap vehicles rapidly. Book your pickup as soon as possible to get our free car removal services Perth-wide.

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Cash For Cars Perth

Selling your car to Wangara car wreckers will help you make money from it. With our cash for cars services in Perth, you can get the best value for your car. You can sell your rusty and scrap car to us and get instant cash. Sell any type of car to Wangara car wreckers. By selling your car for cash, you can free up space in your garage.

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Cash for Vans Perth

Our company provides cash for vans in Perth. If there is any damaged or unroadworthy van in your garage, sell it today to us. If you are looking for a buyer that gives a good price for your broken van. Give our team a call and schedule your pickup today. In addition, we offer same-day pick-up services at tow cars from your place.

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Cash for Truck Wreckers Perth

At our company, you will get other services like cash for trucks Perth-wide. We have all the tools and vehicles that are necessary for towing scrap or unwanted trucks. So, if you have any written-off and unroadworthy trucks, you can contact us and leverage our services. You do not need to come to our place or pay any fees for it.

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Quality And Reliability In Every Second Hand Junk Car Parts

Quality And Reliability In Every Second Hand Junk Car Parts 

Every auto part that we sell is of high quality and reliable too. We never compromise with the safety of car owners. That’s why we double-check all recycled parts. Our dedication to excellence extends to our experienced team. Our team brings their deep expertise to assist customers in finding the perfect match for their vehicle’s needs. Our knowledgeable Perth car wreckers are always at your service. We offer expert advice and guidance, making your experience with us smooth and hassle-free.

Quality Meets Affordability! Browse Our Used Auto Parts Selection!

Why Choose Wangara Car Wreckers

  • Wangara car wreckers is a professional and experienced car wreckers Perth. 
  • Our company offers various high-quality second hand auto parts at a reasonable price. 
  • We have many years of experience in wrecking old, unwanted, scrap and junk cars. 
  • Our team ensures that hazardous materials are disposed of responsibly and don’t harm our ecosystems. 
  • We prioritize the environment by employing eco-friendly methods in dismantling and recycling. 
  • This guarantees that customers not only get parts at competitive prices but also of a standard that ensures longevity and safety.
Why Choose Wangara Car Wreckers

How It Works?


Schedule Pick-up

if you have a scrap car and are eager to sell it quickly. Make a call to Wangara Car Wreckers. Make sure that you have provided all the necessary details of your car to our team.


Receive a Cash Offer

After this, our team will offer you cash. If you accept the offer, the process will continue to the next step. We never force our customers to accept our cash offer. Feel free to say no.


Get A Quote

As the next step, you will receive a quote. We never charge any fees for vehicle evaluation. Our team will examine your car. We also do not charge any hidden fees.


Get Tow and Cash on the Spot

As the last step, our professional car wrecking team will come to you. We give cash on the spot and tow your car away instantly. So, remove your car and get top dollars instantly.

Sustainable Methods In Second-Hand Parts Recycling

When recycling new vehicle parts, our company uses eco-friendly methods. The recycling and disposal process causes higher pollution and has a negative impact on the environment. Being a leading car parts recycler, it’s our responsibility to ensure the protection of the environment. As we offer auto wrecking service in Wangara, our company buys various old and unwanted vehicles every year. Our team dismantles and salvages the usable parts from them. These parts are then recycled as second-hand vehicle parts. Moreover, we are researching and adopting the latest eco-friendly technologies. After thorough research, we practise them in the field. 

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We Offer Second-Hand Parts For Any Make And Model

We Offer Second-Hand Parts For Any Make And Model

Our company offers numerous second-hand car parts for any make and model. We are a leading car wrecker Perth and offer top-notch wrecking services. At our junk scrapyard, you will get all the second-hand parts that you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Before selling these parts, we assess them to ensure they are working properly. 

At our company, you will get parts from bumpers, batteries, engines, transmission systems, exhaust manifolds, radiators, alternators, starters and fuel pumps. We recognize the importance of affordability without compromising on quality. Hence, opting for our second hand old car parts provides a cost-effective solution for maintaining and repairing your vehicle.


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