Ultimate Guide For Selling Used And Unregistered Cars In Perth, WA

Posted On Apr 03 2024
Selling Used And Unregistered Cars

Used and unregistered vehicles are no more than a waste for you. This is because they are sitting idle in your driveways and occupying crucial space that can be used for other purposes. With the help of cash for cars Perth service, you can make car selling a stress-free and easy process. These services have made selling unregistered and used cars easier than ever.

Wangara Car Wreckers is also a car buyer and offers services cash for cars Wangara. They provide convenient solutions for selling used and unregistered cars. This blog post will explain how to get rid of your used and unregistered cars in Perth, WA. 

Understanding Options For Car Sale: Sell Vs. Wreck Vs. Scrap

  • Selling Your Car: If your car is in good condition and runs smoothly, selling it privately or through a dealership can fetch the highest price.
  • Wrecking Your Car: Wrecking companies like Wangara Car Wreckers can offer top cash for parts or the entire vehicle to sell unregistered and used cars.
  • Scrapping Your Car: Scrap yards can be a great option for selling used and unregistered vehicles. They pay based on the car’s weight and metal content.

Selling Your Used Car In Perth

1. Prepare Your Car for Sale

  • Cleaning is Key: A clean and presentable car attracts more interest and potentially higher offers.
  • Minor Repairs: It is essential to fix minor cosmetic or mechanical problems to maximize value.
  • Gather Documentation: Before selling your vehicle to wreckers, you must have the vehicle registration papers, service history records, and proof of ownership.

2. Choose Your Selling Platform

  • Private Sale: Listing your car on platforms like Gumtree Cars or Facebook Marketplace allows you to set the price and negotiate with buyers directly.
  • Dealership Trade-In: You can trade in your car for a new or used vehicle at a dealership. However, dealerships may offer less than a private sale.
  • Cash for Cars Services: Companies like Wangara Car Wreckers offer a quick and convenient way to sell your car, often regardless of condition. However, expect a lower price compared to private sales.

3. Setting a Competitive Price

Research similar car models, mileage, and conditions online to determine a fair market value. Car sellers also consider factors like any repairs needed and current market demand for your specific car. 

4. Marketing and Showings

To get the highest price for your vehicle, design a compelling ad with high-quality photos and clear descriptions highlighting its features. However, it would help if you were upfront about the car’s condition and history to avoid wasting time with unqualified buyers. Moreover, being prepared for test drives and answering questions honestly and confidently is vital.

5. Closing the Deal

Once you have a serious buyer, ensure they have a valid driver’s license and insurance before a test drive. Finalize the sale with a bill of sale and transfer the vehicle registration to the buyer. Utilize secure payment methods like bank transfers or cash on delivery (COD) for larger amounts.

Selling Your Unregistered Car In Perth

Selling an unregistered car in Perth requires additional steps:

  • Apply for a Permit to Sell: Contact the Department of Transport (DoT) in WA to obtain a permit to sell the unregistered vehicle.
  • Temporary Permit: You may need a temporary permit if the buyer wants to drive the car away.
  • Transferring Ownership: Once the sale is final, notify DoT to update ownership records.
  • Important Note: Unregistered cars typically sell for a lower price due to the inconvenience for the buyer.

Cash For Cars Services In Perth – A Convenient Option

If you prioritize speed and convenience, cash for car services offer a stress-free solution. Here’s what to expect:

  • Quick and Easy Process: Get a free quote online or by phone, often with same-day pick-up.
  • No Stress with Repairs or Marketing: They handle everything from paperwork to towing.
  • Guaranteed Offer: The quoted price is typically fixed, eliminating negotiation.
  • Wide Range of Vehicle Conditions: They often accept cars in various conditions, including running, non-running, and damaged vehicles.


These car sale options will help you sell your cars quickly and efficiently. The cash for cars Perth service helps people struggling to sell their used and unregistered vehicles. Moreover, services like cash for cars in Perth are one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to sell vehicles that you do not need. So, if you are tired of using unregistered and used cars, you can choose these services to get the highest cash and sell your vehicle.