Cash Car Wreckers- Enjoy the simplest Way to Sell Your Old Vehicles

It is very relaxing for many car owners in Wangara and the nearest suburbs in Perth WA, that now they can easily sell their old and wrecked cars to a genuine company that not only offer the best car removal service in the city, at the same time, provide a good amount of cash as well for the cars.

Best Car Removal with Wangara Car Wreckers

Car removal or wrecking is a real hassle for many owners and more so, it doesn’t make any good sense to keep an old car in the house that actually has no good purpose to serve. The best way to deal with such old vehicles is to sell them to us. We are one of the renowned and most appreciated car removal companies in Perth with over years of experience. Furthermore, we offer some special service traits with our wrecking service that are unique and seldom available with any other similar companies in Perth.

Let’s get ready for the best deal!

You can certainly have the best deal from us because; we accept cars of all makes and models that make the job way easier for you. You can sell any car, vans, trucks, SUVs, that are in the wrecked condition in order to manage some free space on your property! You don’t have to worry about which brand or model it is because we accept brands like; Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, and all others.

Car Wrecker Services Wangara, WA

Wangara wreckers as the name indicate, auto recycling services where vehicles (car, van, truck, 4wd & utes) are bought to dismantle. Our prime is to make our environment clean and green. The car that is no longer work and needs more maintenance better go with a car wrecker. Similarly, if any vehicle is unregistered and taking unwanted space in your parking yard, sell it to a wrecker. In addidtion, any car or commercial truck that can be fixed with used auto parts, come to car wrecker Wangara, we will cut down your cost of maintenance. That way scrap car removals, junk car collection, unwanted cars, old car buyers, accidental car removal as well as unregistered cars are part of the salvage yard that is commonly known as wrecking yard.

Who We Are

We are part of Maddington Wrecker and DBA Wanagara car wrecker which is one of the oldest companies in the auto recycling industry. We have been recycling autos since 1998 and got very good responses from the customers in Western Australia.

Experienced car recycler in Perth

We are one of the leading car recyclers in Perth and we have many years’ experience in this respective field. At Wangara Car Wreckers, we help people to get money by selling their unwanted vehicles. We recycle the parts of the vehicles by using advanced technologies. We always provide the right value to car owners. We provide our services at many places in Perth and those are Smithfield, Perth Wide, etc.

Car Wreckers


We recycle every vehicle by using eco-friendly methods

At Wangara Car Wreckers, we follow environment-friendly methods to recycle the old parts of the vehicles. Our recycling service includes many other services and those are; degassing of air conditioning system, used oil disposal, metal recycling, etc. We accept all kinds of unused, damaged, rusted, broken vehicles. We have a team of experienced and efficient car recyclers who handle the overall process with very discretion.

Find Right Price For Your Car to check the value and process to get cash for cars Perth

Why choose us?

We are the renowned car recycling service provider in Perth and all its suburb areas and we provide our services in Wangara and other suburbs or Perth, WA. We are involved in this respective field for over years. We have a team of professionals who have lots of knowledge about this profession. We always pay the best value to the car owners and we are the licensed company. We know how to do the overall tasks successfully. And we reach the clients’ place to remove their unwanted vehicles within a short period of time. Since all of our technicians are efficient and experienced so they complete the recycling process quickly. You can call us at any time and we are always ready to help you.

Here are some of the best qualities of our service that set us apart from others

  • We are a fully licensed and insured company
  • Our service is tested by hundreds of satisfied customers
  • You can always get the service in time for car removals
  • We are experienced in Cash for car service and car removal service, car wrecking service and etc.
  • All our staffs are extremely committed to making our customers fully satisfied
  • You can have the best rates for your car only from us
  • We also acquire hard-to-take models and used cars
  • We have a huge inventory of car parts of different models and makes and you can easily find what you need from here
  • Cheap Second-Hand parts for your car like a battery, tires, headlights, and many more.

So, don’t just keep a wrecked vehicle at your house, you can easily sell that with us in exchange of attractive cash. For a quotation or any relevant query, you can contact us at – 0499 223 248.

Place For Used Auto Parts

When a wrecker buys a car that can not be resold anymore. They always dismantle cars for parts they may be the engine, bumper, steering, wheels, catalytic convertor, lights, air conditioner, or other important chassis and external body parts. We deal with most of the Australian and worldwide manufacturers where Japanese, American, European, and Korean. Although, each part will not be useful for each car that we wreck so always confirm the availability of auto parts Wanagara over the call 0499 223 248 so we can save your time.


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